The shock story of my boyfriend who made me and my friend pregnant at the same time

First room of’Ser Vival’
Ham Yeonji, tears filled with shock story
‘Maramat’ feast of low tide

Photo = KBS Joy’Survival’ broadcast screen.

KBS Joy’s new entertainment show,’Ser Vival’ has risen to the top of the talk show world‘s’Spicy End Edition.

‘Ser Vival’, which aired on the 11th, successfully finished its first broadcast with the stories of viewers who might doubt their eyes and ears. As previously announced, it was filled with the audience’s’Guarantee’, and musical actor Yeonji Ham appeared as the first special guest, giving off a bright charm.

On this day, the first’Legendseul’ of’Servival’ was occupied by’boyfriend who conceived me and my friend at the same time’. The storyteller was in the middle of preparing for marriage. On behalf of the busy storyteller, the storyteller’s best friend helped prepare for the marriage, and from some point, the prospective bridegroom and best friend showed a friendly, frequent contact, and doubts began.

Then one day, the storyteller found her best friend’s pregnancy test in the bathroom of the newlyweds. As it turned out, the best friend had an inappropriate relationship with the bride-to-be, and even the child of the bride-to-be was pregnant. The storyteller, who collapsed in shock and was taken to the hospital, soon found out that she was also 5 weeks pregnant and was devastated.

In ‘Legendse’, which is more intense than the last drama, Ham Yeon-ji even shed tears with empathy for the storyteller. Hwang Bo-ra and Park Na-rae, whose anger exploded with’Jin’, repeated “I think you must be crazy”, saying, “I’m so sad,” and showed a lot of immersion in the story. Eventually, this story became a legend by receiving the infidelity of the MC and special guest Ham Yeon-ji.

In addition, Ham Yeon-ji, who appeared as a special guest on this day, revealed her relationship with her current husband. When I met my husband for the third time, he didn’t drink alcohol, and he said, “Why don’t you kiss me? Why don’t you ask me to go out with me?” Rather, her husband said “It’s too fast,” said Ham Yeon-ji, and embarrassed the MCs. He added, “I wanted to do it too much. I was patient.”

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From the first episode,’Mother-in-law who needs more distance’,’Boyfriend who can’t forgive the two’,’The day after drinking, the more chilling situation’, etc. ‘Survival’.

In particular, for each topic,’Aggression vs. epilepsy full-length mother-in-law’,’A boyfriend who harassed my family, a school violence perpetrator, and a boyfriend who conceived me and my friend at the same time,’ The dizzying real stories were introduced and gave the spicy taste of the balance game.

As’Ser Vival’ is a broadcast that is made with viewers, it is stimulating, but it has drawn empathy with stories that are likely to happen around. It is anticipated that the’Seol Vival’, which allows users to watch together with friends, lovers, and family members and balance differences of opinion, will capture viewers through what other’seols’ in the future.

‘Ser Vival’ is broadcast every Thursday at 8:30 pm.

Reporter Tae Yuna [email protected]

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