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In the Asa – air upward?

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in my guest post in the 5 to 12 newsletter I want you one the mostimportant Introducing players in the hydrogen industry: Nel Asa. The mood in the industry is currently better than ever! Nel Asa has also benefited significantly from this recently. In addition, the group scores with constant incoming orders, but caution is advised here! It remains to be seen whether the dream ideas of the investor world can really be realized. Find out all the exciting background information in today’s issue of Share of the Day!

Is there still room for improvement?

If one follows the forecast of the VDMA, the fuel cell market has a current value of around 2 billion euros. Compared to 2017, that would be more than tenfold in sales. The automotive sector in particular plays an important role, because a mood of upheaval can be seen here. Navigant Research has ventured a forecast: By 2024, almost 230,000 cars and buses worldwide will be powered with the new technology.

Should Investors Sell Right Now? Or is it worth joining NEL ASA?

In order to better classify this, we take the numbers of registered units from 2019. Despite an annual increase of 63 percent, only 18,000 units were registered here. In addition, there is an average market growth over the past 3 years in height of 80 percent. So if you follow the forecasts, there is still a lot of room for improvement! These are a few reasons for the good order book at In the Asa.

New order from the USA!

The subsidiary Nel Hydrogen recently announced a new order for 14 hydrogen filling stations. In California should Consequently 7 petrol stations in the coming year to be built. The client is the US subsidiary of the Japanese conglomerate Iwatani. The stations will then supply existing and new fuel cell vehicles with fuel. The order is worth 150 million Norwegian kroner, which corresponds to around 14 million euros. The filling stations should then be installed in 2021 and finished will.

Nel Asa can benefit from a follow-up order!

The hydrogen company recently received a follow-up order from the US Navy. Here everything turns about that The company’s electrolysis process. The Navy uses this in modern submarines for oxygen supply. The order is valued at $ 5.4 million. A long-term contract was signed with the Collins Aerospace Division of the defense giant Raytheon Technologies closedso that there are regular new orders for the future surrender. In the current trading year, the total order value of the Navy is already to $ 9.1 million.

What influence does the new President Biden have?

The new US President Joe Biden plays one ecrucial role in the hydrogen revolution. With the election victory, cheap loans from the US government are currently in prospect. The president had already announced massive investments in green infrastructure. In thevThe investment could amount to over $ 1.7 trillion. Overall, the US hydrogen filling station network expects an immense upturn!

Nel CEO sells mega-share package!

The head of the Norwegian company, Jon Loop had sold 700,634 shares of his company a few days ago. With an average price of 19.65 NOK per share, the Nel boss should have collected around 1.3 million euros. A press release stated that Loop had sold private shares as well as through Ludens AS. Ludens AS is owned Loop 100 percent. As a reason to sell the CEO states a “connection with the tax obligations under the Nel Asa option program”.

What’s next for the stock of the day?

The upheaval in the automotive industry can hardly be averted. A general Changeover is essential with a view to achieving the climate targets. State subsidies were increased again in the course of the crisis. If you look at the industry, the mood is better than ever!

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For Nel this means that for the time being the hydrogen production costs continue sink have to. Over time, there will be more and more providers who offer these significantly cheaper pcould produce. Accordingly are also further follow-up orders are essential. With time it should themselves then also the extremely high rating of Nel continue neutralize.

In the meantime, the group scores with constant incoming orders. If one follows the opinion of the analysts, the market has significant potential, but nothing should be rushed. Speculative investors can choose the position in the current situation further integrate as an admixture.

Should NEL ASA Investors Sell Right Now? Or is it worth getting started?

How will NEL ASA develop now? Is your money safe in this stock? The answers to these questions and why you need to act now can be found in the latest analysis of the NEL ASA share.


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