The Shaanxi Provincial Natural Resources Department’s “National Science Outreach Day” activity was launched

The Shaanxi Provincial Natural Resources Department’s “National Science Outreach Day” activity was launched

2022-09-19 19:09:37Source: Western Net – Shaanxi News Net

The Shaanxi Provincial Natural Resources Department’s “National Science Outreach Day” activity was launched

Western Net News (Reporter Liu Wang) September 15-21 is National Science Outreach Day Week On September 19, Shaanxi Natural Resources System National Science Outreach Day was officially launched at Chanba No. 1 Middle School of Xi’an. The province’s natural resource system will spread the word of natural resource popularization through large-screen outdoor broadcasts, street advertising, and campus science outreach.

During the period, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources will carry out a number of activities such as “Science Popularization to the Future”, the voice of Shaanxi natural resource popularization entering schools, answering questions about popular science knowledge and research at bases of popular sciences. At the same time, 27 people, including Gao Jin and Sun Yuting, who are famous scientists in the natural resource system, were hired as the first group of “science envoys” for natural resources in Shaanxi province, laying the groundwork for the next five science popularization promotions.

In recent years, the natural resources system of Shaanxi province has gradually built a normalized team of “science envoys” for natural resources based on the natural resource science popularization contest, making full use of opportunities such as World Earth Day, the National Science and Technology Week and National Science Outreach Day to promote science popularization The five progress activities are the starting point and continue to promote science popularization. In the form of “going out”, scientific and technological knowledge of natural resources in Shaanxi will be brought to the classroom to enhance the scientific interest of young people, spread knowledge of natural resource science and technology, and sow the seeds of care for nature. and scientific thinking. At the same time, relying on the Ministry of Natural Resources to actively carry out scientific and technological knowledge response activities in the science bases of Shaanxi, publicizing scientific knowledge, fully play the role of science bases in science popularization, and encourage young people to enter the nature, enter scientific bases, visit and study, broaden horizons and stimulate scientific interest. Use practical actions to create a “new ecology of science dissemination” that respects nature, protects resources and supports science.

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