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The series is canceled after its debut season – Katy Keene – Spoiler Time


Curse of Lucy Hale!

The CW announced that their new series Katy Keene It has been canceled after its first season aired. The spinoff of Riverdale, produced by Warner Bros. Television, will have the possibility of being sold to another signal so that the series can be renewed for a second installment.

Production will have to find a new home before 31 of July, date the cast’s contracts expire, after being prolonged for longer while the channel was pondering the decision to continue or cancel the show. Although not defined, HBO Max It could be the platform that rescues the series, since its first installment is exclusively on it.

According to what was reported by Deadline, their rating numbers were very similar to other programs of the same signal, but in their broadcasts and DVR this brand less seen than other productions which could be the key to cancel the series.

Katy Keene can be seen in Latin America through HBO Go.



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