The sequel to “The Traitor 2077” was made by the core team of the new North American studio of CDPR | XFastest News

Recently, according to Rovi Sasko, mission director of Rogue 2077, he will move from the Polish headquarters of CD Projekt Red to help build a new team in Boston to produce the sequel, and also Rogue 2077 The “core team” will move to a new studio established in North America.

Sasko said: “I will focus on the project codenamed ‘Orion’ for ‘Renitor 2077’, and move to Boston with the core team responsible for ‘Revenge 2077’, build a new studio and become the foundation of the North American team, we will work hard with the Vancouver team and the Warsaw developers to create an awesome next game for you! “

CDPR’s next cyberpunk game, Orion, will be run by the new North American studio CD Projekt Red North America.


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