The senior became infected in the spa and was released from the hospital. He died

“Dad had diabetes, he had insulin several times a day, he had high blood pressure and obesity, in short, a very risky patient. I don’t know why the general practitioner did not recommend that he postpone the spa treatment until the spring at this critical time, “Lucie told Práva, who decided to entrust the tragedy to her family.

Although the spa usually brings together elderly and high-risk patients, in the course of October the spa provided virtually unlimited care and attracted clients to safety with its marketing campaigns.

Mr. V. came to the spa healthy and without difficulty for a three-week stay, but after two weeks, he collapsed and passed out while waiting for the procedure. An ambulance took him to a hospital in Jindřichův Hradec, where he was found to be positive for coronavirus. The symptoms corresponded to this.

“He had a cough, diarrhea, lost his sense of smell,” Lucie described. The attending physician told her mother that her husband had only a mild course of the disease and would release him home on Thursday or Friday at the latest, four days after the collapse.

Hospital: Can go home and done

“It simply came to our notice then. She asked to keep him there for at least a week, until Monday, because she knew the covide condition could get worse. The doctor said there was no reason to do so. He was released on Thursday morning, they wrote in the release report that he didn’t even have a fever, while my father called us in the morning that he was 37.6, “said Práva a young woman who came to the hospital from Prague for her father.

“They sent him home without a word about what to do next, only with paper in hand. He didn’t look well at first glance, he was having trouble breathing. Nobody told me anything either, which shocked me quite a bit, I found him alone in front of the door of the covid ward in the hallway, “Lucie recalled arriving at the hospital. They only wrote a recommendation to her father that he should follow quarantine measures and contact a doctor if his condition worsens.

But then events took a turn for the worse. “Dad died two days later. He did not complain about anything, but immediately after arriving home he developed a high fever, which alternately decreased and increased again. He fell on Sunday morning, calling for help. My mother immediately called an ambulance, but she didn’t arrive until after a crazy thirty minutes, “says Lucie.

The ambulance arrived late because the doctor had to put on a suit

“He was dead before help arrived. The dispatcher justified this by saying that the doctor had to change into a protective suit, which is why it took so long. In addition, the ambulance went to Stodůlky incomprehensibly from Vinohrady, while the Motol Hospital is right next door, ”the daughter did not understand.

After his death, the family turned to the Jindřichův Hradec hospital, but it did not admit any mistakes.

“We talked to his attending doctor, who told us that there was no reason to keep Dad in the hospital when he was stable. He didn’t even show remorse. He himself confirmed to me on the phone that they had no experience with covid, and he was not even able to tell me the length of the covid’s incubation period, half a year after the outbreak of the pandemic. I had to search everything on the Internet and there I found out that only the fourth day the deterioration is coming and that the seventh day is the most risky for patients with diabetes, which is exactly the day when my father died, “Lucie desperate.

It turned out similarly in the spa. “The day Dad was taken to the hospital, they called us from the front desk to come and vacate his room that they had another client. When asked if they knew he had caught a covid, no one verbally responded and their business continued, they just asked the owner of the boarding house to disinfect the room, “she said.

Spa: Nobody got infected with us

The hospital in Jindřichův Hradec carried out an internal audit of the care of Mr V after being approached by Právo. “On the basis of clinical and laboratory examination and imaging techniques, no signs of a serious course of this disease were found. Just before his release to home care, he was examined by the attending physician and the head of the ward, and because there were no signs of deteriorating condition, he was found fit for home treatment, “said Miroslav Janovský, chairman of the hospital board. .

Spa spokeswoman Martina Herchová regretted the death of Mr. V., but denied that they knew about the covid-19 case in the spa. “We do not have verified information that someone in our spa would become infected until his departure,” she told Práva. According to her, the device complied to the maximum with all measures, such as drapes and two-meter spacings. All clients also had to sign a solemn declaration that they were not aware that they would come into contact with a positive person.

In October alone, however, around 350 people became infected in all spas in the Czech Republic, so at the end of October – just a few days after Mr. V’s death – the government canceled self-payers’ stays in the spa and reduced the number of people in the rooms. Only two guests can eat at the tables.

These measures will also apply in the fourth stage of the anti-epidemic system (PES), in the third the spa should only comply with organizational and regime measures. Antigen testing of clients in spas has also been considered, and the Ministry of Health no longer counts on them.

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