The selection of Nuggets 2022 from the Montreuil Motor Show

Twenty books were selected to compete for Pépites 2022, four literary prizes (illustrated books, children’s fiction, comics and children’s fiction) awarded by the Book and Youth Press Fair (SLPJ) in Montreuil in the Seine-Saint-Denis and by France TV and its youth brand Okoo. The winners will be known on November 30, the day on which the Golden Nugget will also be awarded, the best title chosen by a jury of literary critics. The award ceremony will take place on 4 December 2022. The titles in the race have been chosen ” for their quality of creation and the uniqueness of their work “Explains the SLPJ in its press release.

The jury is made up of 36 young people aged 8 to 18 from all over France, selected following a call for proposals launched by France TV, and to whom the selected works have been sent.

The selection of illustrated books (from 6 years):

  • At the beginningby Ramona Bădescu and Julia Spiers (The adults)
  • Crochet a Lakiby Marine Schneider (Albin Michel)
  • The imagination of the senses, by d’Anne Crausa (Salta)
  • Have you played hide and seek?by Léa Viana Ferreira (CotCotCot)
  • Reglobusby Pierre Alexis (The party)

The selection of fiction for children (from 9 years):

  • The wizardsby Blexbolex (The party)
  • Maldoror – Volume 1: The children of the legendby Philippe Lechermeier (Flammarion)
  • Thanks for the tenderness, by Myren Duval and Emma Constant (Le Rouergue)
  • What do we do when it rains? by Ralph Doumit and Julia Wauters (illustrations) (helium)
  • Spaghetti with lipstickby Fabien Arca (Spaces 34)

The selection of comics (from 12 years):

  • Furiousby Geoffroy Monde and Mathieu Burniat (Dargaud)
  • Dirty!by Elizabeth Holleville (Glénat)
  • The shade of the pinesby Cécile Dupuis and Valérian Guillaume (Graphic shifts)
  • The weight of the heroesby David Sala (Casterman)
  • Parasites of the cityThe Giant’s Tomb, by Julien Lambert (Sarbacane)

The selection of fiction for children (from 14 years):

  • Great Passby Stephanie Leclerc (Syros)
  • They came from the coldby Caryl Ferey (paperback)
  • disgraceby Laurence Biberfeld (In8)
  • Possessionat Moka (the free time school)
  • black sandsby Hervé Giraud (Thierry Magnier)

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