The secrets of the Instagram algorithm that every entrepreneur should know Atipica · Design and digital Marketing

Do you wonder why you have fewer interactions on your Instagram posts? Do you think nobody sees your posts? Since Instagram got rid of the chronological order in 2016, figuring out how to make it show your posts (both to your followers and to other users) seems like an impossible task. Maybe you’ve got your followers to see your post, but you don’t know how to reach new people without promoting your content with ads.

Every day we discover new techniques to increase your visibility on Instagram, and today we bring you secrets of the algorithm that every entrepreneur must know so that your account reaches more people than ever in 2021. If you keep these secrets in mind when you create your networking strategy social networks, you will be able to reach users who do not follow you and your publications will not be penalized by the algorithm.

Remember that Instagram considers more than 500 factors to assess your account and the positioning of your posts and changes the rules constantly, so don’t forget to stay informed so as not to be left behind!

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