The secrets about ‘Let’s leave Vargas’ revealed to Infobae by actor Steven Salme

Photo: Instagram @stevensalme

After the start of filming was announced in 2021, RCN Television revealed that it will soon premiere ‘Let’s leave Vargas’a series that will continue the story that began in 1993 under the name of ‘Let’s leave pods’.

With a luxury cast, made up mainly of ‘Pity’ Camacho, Margarita Muñoz, Aco Pérez, Nataly Umaña, Constanza Duque and Julio Pachónthe channel will bet on a comedy for all ages in order to take over the nightly rating in Colombia.

In that sense, Infobae Colombia spoke with Steven Salmeanother of the actors in charge of reviving this production that, according to what he said, is not a retread but a new story, this time focused on the life of Ramoncito, who in the past was the youngest son of the Vargas Villegas, but who will now be the head of a witty family.

“It is a wonderful series, very well written and acted, it is a product that this country sorely needed. A comedy of this type was really needed and for the whole family, because it does not have violence or heavy language, so it can be seen by the child, the adolescent and the adult, without any problem. For those of us who knew the original version, this is going to be great because it takes us back a bit to that time of the nineties. In fact, at the beginning of ‘Dejémonos de Vargas’, the audience is contextualized a bit by showing the characters from the first version, such as Josefa Chivatá (Maru Yamayusa), Renata Hermelinda Villegas de Vargas (Paula Peña) and Margarita Vargas (Marisol Correa). ”, he explained.

The character that Steven Salcedo Mejía (given name of the actor) will play will be the boss of the protagonista much smaller man who will be in charge of making life difficult for him at the newspaper El Clima, where he works.

However, he said that at first he had to apply for another role, but due to fate, he ended up presenting an audition for the one he developed during this first installment.

“They called me to cast a character that was only going to be in four episodes, but there was a mistake and they sent me the script for one that was supposed to be in ten episodes. It did seem very strange to me because in the character’s profile it said he was between 50 and 60 years old, but then I chose to do it and that’s it. Days later, Santiago Vargas (one of the directors) calls me and asks me why I had done that audition, so I replied: ‘that’s what they sent me’, and he tells me that there was a mistake and that he would then leave to send what it was. By surprise, when I receive the call from him again, he tells me that he had liked my casting so much that the production was thinking of lowering the age of the character, ”said Salme with a laugh.

Photo: Instagram @stevensalme
Photo: Instagram @stevensalme

In the same way, he let it be known that his performance was so popular that he ended up acting for 50 of the 60 episodes that made up this first installment of ‘Let’s leave Vargas’, also directed by Israel Sánchez (To love you and Until silver separates us).

In addition, the 38-year-old from Huila revealed that the production is so sure of the success of the series that, even though they have not premiered and the reception of the public is not known, They already announced that they are going to record a second season and he will continue to be part of the cast.

“As an actor, you know and feel when something you work on is going to work, and that happened to all of us, we all believe a lot in the project, especially the directors (Fox Telecolombia) and the channel. Of course, we need this to hit Colombia for a second season to be made, but a co-production with Netflix was also made, so there will surely be a continuation, “concluded Steven Salme.

See here the first advances of ‘Dejémonos de Vargas’:

Fox Telecolombia and RCN Television


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