The secret of the artist’s character, the philosopher Mohy Ismail (video)

Humorously, artist Mohy Ismail spoke at the opening ceremony of the 38th session of the Alexandria International Film Festival for Mediterranean Countries on the secret of Mahmoud Hemida’s choice for this session, saying: “Listen to me, the Mahmoud Hamida cycle. , not Mohy Ismail, because Hamida loves cinema and because he loves production, and because he loves billiards, and he is a student and an educated man, Mahmoud Hamida, who is tall and walks, shaking the earth, but I am the Caesar.

The owner of weird claims is always on top of social media trends, so what’s the secret behind artist Mohy Ismail’s personality? He has a unique artistic career whose roles are still stuck in the public mind, due to his complex and strange personalities.

Mohie Ismail, born in 1946 in the town of Kafr El-Dawar in Beheira, studied philosophy before studying at the Institute of Dramatic Arts, which influenced his personality and the complex roles that were in the sixties and seventies, especially the brothers enemies and the bullet is still in my pocket and in the pit of deprivation.

He was famous for imitating presidents, which prompted him to write a film about the late Libyan president Muammar Gaddafi, but he refused to embody his character in an international film for fear of distorting the image of the late president.

He met with President Sadat, who gave him an apartment because he believed he had epilepsy after the movie “The Enemy Brothers”, where he lived without mattresses and slept in the closet.

He believes that no artist is able to complete his artistic career, according to his statements, and Mohie Ismail will remain an outstanding artistic case in Egyptian cinema.

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