The secret of the animated film “My favorite war”, but the real vehicles – Man and car – Car

“My Favorite War” is based on Ilze’s childhood memories of growing up on the Kurzeme side in absurd time from the 1970s until the restoration of Latvia’s independence. Before its premiere in Latvia this autumn, the animated film has already won the recognition of world critics – “My Favorite War” has been recognized as the best in the competition program “Contrechamp” this summer at the largest European animation festival in Annecy.

Since this is a movie with road movie Paul Timrot, the leader of the Speed ​​Tribe, has invited Ilze Burkovska-Jakobsen to a conversation to learn more about the role of the vehicles in the film in her life story.

PHOTO: Screenshot of the video

The animated film has been made over a decade, using elements appropriate to the era and the environment, including driving equipment – buses, wheeled tractors and family cars. In the absence of photographs or other archival evidence of this period in history, the film’s creative team has researched and consulted with experienced family members to make the details accurate.

Driving tools have played a big role in Ilze’s life – the director will share the story of how to get to the new “Moskvich”, organize regular bus traffic to Alsunga and what the old Suiti road rally track has to do with the love of the people. What does the family car number ĻUB mean and why the lack of seat belts in the father’s new “Žiguli” is a fateful topic in the director’s life, let’s find out in the new creature series.

The article was written in collaboration with LMT Smart TV.


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