The Seconds of Kuansing Regent Followed by KPK Before OTT Occurred


Regent of Kuantan Singingi (Kuansing) Andi Putra was brought to Jakarta by KPK investigators after 17 hours of questioning. The legal adviser recounted that Andi was being followed by KPK investigators.

Legal counsel Andi Putra, Dody, said his client departed from Kuantan Singingi to Pekanbaru, Monday (18/10) at around 11.00 WIB. On the way, Andi feels that he is being followed by an unknown person.

“On the way he was followed, then he felt afraid, he didn’t even know that there was an arrest in Kuansing,” explained Dody at the Police Headquarters, Tuesday (19/10/2021).

Feeling afraid of being followed, Andi decides to turn it off WL. Arriving in Pekanbaru, the Golkar politician contacted Dody.

“Out of fear, the cellphone was turned off. I was called at around 21.00 WIB, I said to meet us first. When we met someone contacted his aide, it was from the KPK investigators,” said Dody.

As is known, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) said that Andi Putra was caught in a sting operation (OTT) in connection with yesterday’s bribery of plantation permits. Apart from Andi, there were 7 other people who were arrested in the OTT. The seven people consisted of aides and several private parties.

Andi Putra was then flown to Jakarta after undergoing an initial examination by KPK investigators at the Riau Police. After being examined, Andi didn’t say much.

Andi was seen leaving the examination building at the Riau Police wearing a black jacket and blue T-shirt. He left the examination room at 17.06 WIB in a hurry.

“Please pray, yes, let it go smoothly,” said Andi when asked about the case that dragged him, Tuesday (19/10/2021).

Lawyer Denies OTT

Andi Putra’s legal advisor, Dody, previously firmly stated that Andi Putra was not in the condition of being caught in a red-handed operation.

“Mr. Regent is not caught in the act of receiving gifts, nothing,” added the alumni of the Faculty of Law, University of Riau.

Dody said his client had intended to go to Pekanbaru from Taluk Kuantan accompanied by a driver and his aide, Tuesday (18/10). However, when he arrived in Pekanbaru at 21.00 WIB, Andi Putra was contacted by KPK investigators.

“Yesterday morning he went to the office, went home and at around 11.00 WIB he left his house to Pekanbaru. After that, the driver was contacted by KPK investigators to move closer to the Regional Police,” said Dodi.

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