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The second part of the fight for the title of world chess champion between the Russian challenger Jan Nepomňaščí and the Norwegian lawyer Magnus Carlsen also ended in a draw.

Carlsen played with the white stones this time, after the 58th move the players agreed on a draw. The third game is scheduled for Sunday from 13.30 CET.

The four-time world champion Carlsen has been ruling the 64 squares continuously since 2013.

The power of “Chess Mozart”, as Nora’s nickname sounds, has already been experienced first-hand by Indian Visvanathan Anand (2013, 2014), Russian Sergei Karjakin (2016) and most recently American with Italian roots Fabiano Caruana (2018).

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The title of champion in Dubai will belong to the chess player who will be the first to score 7.5 points. In the case of a draw after a dozen games, the title holder will be decided by an additional four-match secretary in rapid chess, resp. two parts of the flash.

Carlsen will record the fifth title in the series, Nepomjaščij made it to the final duel for the first time. The total subsidy of the event is $ 2 million, the winner will receive 60 percent of this amount and the rest.

Chess – 2nd game of the World Championship title (Dubai):

Magnus Carlsen (NOR) – Jan Nepomňaščij (RUS) 0.5: 0.5
state after round 2: 1.0: 1.0



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