The second part of Inese Zandere’s story to children ‘Boy with a Dog’ has been published

In the children’s book publishing house “Liels un mazs”, in cooperation with the Žanas Lipke memorial, the second booklet “Bunkurs” for the story of Inese Zandere’s story to children “Boy with a Dog” has been published, illustrated by Reinis Pētersons.

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The book continues the story of the little boy Zigi – Siegfried Ojar Lipki and his parents Jeanne and Johann, who saved at least 55 Jews sentenced to death during the Second World War. One of the rescuers was also Zigis, who together with his friend – dog Jerry guarded the secret bunker in his home in Ķīpsala. In the second part of the story, eight-year-old Zigis helps to dig a hiding place, learns to warn of dangers and gets acquainted with the inhabitants of the bunker, who do not find it easy to withstand the pressure and ignorance. Zigig must be very careful not to accidentally reveal a dangerous secret to the children of neighbors. When the father’s plan to take the rescued to Sweden on a yacht ends tragically, the boy is overwhelmed with fear and guilt – perhaps it is his unintentionally discarded words that are the cause of this accident?

Along with the second book, the first book will be available in bookstores again – “Boy with a dog. Fear”, the first edition of which was published in 2017 in a limited number of copies.

The story is based on documents, testimonies and historical facts, but it is a work of fiction addressed to children and adolescents – a plot, emotional prose that corresponds to children’s perceptions. The original illustrations drawn by Reinis Petersons were also inspired by both the Lipke family photo archive and Sigfried Lipke’s childhood drawing – a 3×3 meter bunker sketched on a notebook page, and other visual evidence of that time.

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The book provides an insight into the unique, successful rescue mechanism created by Jean Lipke, which involved more than two dozen helpers and did not result in any betrayal. The author addresses children as the part of society that is most free from various prejudices and myths, giving them the opportunity to look at complex events and see the most important thing there: the possibility of individual choice, which always exists, even in the most difficult times, the opportunity to be human.

“Ziga’s childish sense of the world is somewhere in the middle between the awareness of depressing dangers and the exciting excitement of adventure. It could also be the key, at least a hint of understanding his father’s personality, because Jean Lipke’s amazing practical and organizational grasp with an unquenchable ability to sympathize with another person, and with a certain romantic adventure.Perhaps this can be seen as the presence of a boy mentality in the adult, experienced sense of the world.In any case, there is a very lively bond between father and son. , and trust still needs to be restored, “the publishers of the book write.

As the representatives of “Big and Small” emphasize, the book also addresses adult readers. Among the most important motives by which people tend to explain resistance to obvious evil, submission to and attachment to one or another power, care for their children is always mentioned, the duty to protect children, often pushing the value of honesty and honor to the periphery. The story of Siegfried and his parents calls for balancing and rethinking both the parents’ right to risk the child’s fate and the importance of trust and respect in the parent-child relationship, a true family community where betrayal of “pavlika morozova” is not possible.

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Based on the motifs of Inese Zandere’s book, in 2020 the production of “Room Theater” for children “Boy with a Dog” was created by director Jānis Znotiņš, but the actor Emīls Krūmiņš takes on the roles of all the characters.

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