The second live of “Dancing with the Stars”: changes to the composition of the jury and first vote

For the second program, the participants prepared: fast pace, slow waltz, Viennese country, cha-cha-cha, rumba, samba and tango.

Women will love both princess ball gowns and feminine dresses, but gentlemen will stick to elegance.

Kashers and Paula Kukute, Elīna Bojarkina and Marts Puniņš, Anda Ozoliņa and Valters Frickauss, Rolands Če and Vita Laicāne, Kristīne Balode and Marts Smolko, Mārcis Auziņš and Estere Beatrice Klaper, Madara Palameika and Leonard Petkevičs and Rihards Dūša, Maksims Busels and Liza Manija, Jānis Pēterson and Olena Cherekova, Aminata and Max Kravchenko, Rūta Dvinska and Viktor Kharitonov.

Viewers join the evaluation of the second program participants, who will be given the opportunity to support their favorites via telephone voting.

The jury will express its evaluation and comments. The points received in the first show will be added to the points in the second show. The couple with the lowest overall score will leave the dance floor!

There will also be changes in the composition of the jury this week. Jānis Purvinņš will not be part of the jury of “Dancing with the stars” this week, he will be replaced by the choreographer and director Inga Krasovska in the second live.

Watch the show and support your favorite by voting! Don’t be indifferent!

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