The second day of Lebaran, 123,775 vehicles outside Jabotabek. Page all

JAKARTA, – PT Jasa Marga (Persero) Tbk recorded, 123,775 vehicle leave Jabotabek heading east, west, and south.

Jasa Marga Corporate Communication & Community Development Group Head Dwimawan Heru Santoso said the number of vehicles was counted on the D and D + 1. Lebaran 2021, Thursday (13/05/2021) to Friday (14/05/2021).

“This figure is down 60.8 percent from normal (traffic) traffic of 315,452 vehicles,” Heru was quoted as saying in a press release, Saturday (15/05/2021).

Heru continued, for traffic distribution in the three directions, 26.5 percent headed east, 26.9 percent headed west, and 46.6 percent headed south.

In detail, 17,294 vehicles at the Gate Toll (GT) Cikampek Utama at Highway Jakarta-Cikampek (Japek) left Jakarta.

This number is down to 75 percent from the normal traffic of 69,221 vehicles.

Then, 15,446 vehicles left the Jakarta GT Kalihurip Utama Jalan Cipularang toll road, or a decrease of 79 percent from the normal traffic of 73,754 vehicles.

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Thus, the total number of vehicles leaving Jakarta to the east was crossed by 32,760 vehicles or a 77.1 oersen drop from the normal traffic of 142,975 vehicles.

Furthermore, traffic left Jakarta heading West through GT Cikupa Tangerang-Merak Toll Road totaling 33,293 vehicles.

Heru said this figure was down 65.5 percent from the normal traffic of 96,375 vehicles.

Meanwhile, the number of vehicles leaving Jakarta heading south via GT Ciawi Jalan Jagorawi toll road a total of 57,722 vehicles.

This number decreased by 24.2 percent from the normal traffic of 76,102 vehicles.

All the time prohibition of going home May 6-17, Jasa Marga calls on Domestic Travel Players (PPDN) for excluded categories such as logistics distribution service vehicles, work or service needs, visits and sick families.

Furthermore, visits from family members, pregnant women (accompanied by 1 family member) and the need for childbirth to complete the required documents.

These required documents include the Entry and Exit Permit (SIKM) and negative rapid test results polymerase chain reaction (PCR) maximum 3×24 hours / negative result rapid tes antigen max 2×24 hours / negative result GeNose C19 before departure.



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