The scandal between Luciana Salazar and Martín Redrado is renewed: what happened

The fight between Luciana Salazar and Martin Redrado It continues to add chapters in the public sphere, through its publications on social networks and the legal actions involved.

As it became known in the last few hours, the model is going through a bad time because the economist would have decided to cancel the investment in the fertilization program that allowed her to be a mother of Matilda.

According to his own testimony, she found out about the politician’s decision through an emailwhich announced the suspension of payment for the service that is based in USA.

In the middle of that fight Redrado would also have asked his current partner, Lulu Sanguinetti, to marry him.which would have made things even worse.

This new check rekindled the rumors about the possible paternity of Redrado not only with Salazar’s firstborn, but also with the frozen embryos.

In this frame, Salazar decided to leave the country for Miami with his daughterwhich he also recounted through his stories of Instagram.

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