The SBU published a list of traitors who went over to the side of the invaders in Zaporozhye (photo)

There are also documented facts of kidnapping, which were then subjected to violence or threatened with physical violence.

Security Service of Ukraine published a list of traitors who went over to the side of the invaders in the Zaporozhye region. The collaborators joined the “Main Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the Zaporozhye region” created by the aggressor. 17 traitors have already been declared suspected.

This is reported in Telegram channel SBU

“So, one of the leaders of the pseudo-education was appointed the former security guard of the traitor deputy Yevgeny Balitsky, who now heads the occupation administration in the region. On the instructions of the Russian curators, the so-called” Ministry of Internal Affairs “suppresses resistance and intimidates the residents of the temporarily occupied territories. To do this, they use repressive methods, mass persecution and detention of citizens on far-fetched reasons,” the statement said.

The SBU also documented the facts of abduction of people, who were then subjected to violence or threatened with physical violence. It has been established that traitors illegally enter the premises of local residents who have left for the territory controlled by the Ukrainian authorities. There they conduct “searches”, after which money, household appliances and other personal belongings of the owners disappear from the apartments.

In addition, the SBU found that fake law enforcement officers imposed a “tribute” on local entrepreneurs and farm managers. For the opportunity to conduct commercial activities, the occupiers demand money.

The law enforcers collected all the identification data for each collaborator, documented the criminal activity and established their places of residence and routes of movement, because now the traitors are hiding from justice in the temporarily occupied territory of Zaporozhye.

The SBU also made public some of the names of the traitors who were included in the “leading staff” of the occupying body:

  • Selivanov A. S. – Deputy Head of the “regional” department;
  • Koshel A. V. – head of the Melitopol inter-district department;
  • Chudak V.V. – head of the Kamenka-Dneprovsky regional department;
  • Rakityansky S.A. – First Deputy of the Berdyansk city department;
  • Orlov VV – Head of the Criminal Investigation Department of the Melitopol Interdistrict Department;
  • Alipov A.E. – Deputy Head of the Tokmak Regional Department;
  • Shopov S.P. – head of the “People’s Militia” in the temporarily occupied village of Bolshaya Belozerka, Vasilyevsky district;
  • Metlenko Yu. V. – head of the passport office of the Tokmak inter-district department;
  • Mikheev VV – head of the “Interdistrict Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Zaporozhye region in the city of Melitopol”.

The SBU notes the inevitability of punishment for cooperation with the invaders.

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UNIAN previously reported that 12 collaborators were detained in Toretskwho for money handed over to the “curators” information about our military.

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