The same Ségur “for all”: the medico-social agents of the Hospitals of Chartres demand the revaluation of 183 €

About twenty civil servants, assigned to the medico-social structures of the Hospitals of Chartres, walked out on Monday, November 23, at the end of the morning, in front of the entrance to the Pasteur hospital, in Coudray.

This mobilization follows the indefinite strike notice filed on November 2, in order to demand the same salary treatment as the health sector workers, namely the monthly payment of the additional salary index of € 183, recorded by the Ségur de la santé.

This upgrading, which concerns only the health sector, therefore does not benefit medico-social structures, such as the Departmental House for Autistic Persons (MDPA) or the Early Medico-Social Action Center (CAMSP), specializing in support for children with disabilities, which went off Monday 23 November, almost entirely.

Stéphane Gaudemer, CGT secretary general of the hospitals of Chartres, specifies that “several hospitals, such as those of Dreux or Tours, have agreed to pay the Ségur premium to agents in the medico-social sector”. He says he expects the same decision from the management of the Hospitals of Chartres, out of concern, he says, “of equity between staff who are all civil servants. We want the same treatment for everyone ”. Stéphane Gaudemer fears that the pay gap between the health and medico-social sectors, will make the second “less attractive in terms of career, with a flight of professionals to the health sector”.

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“A risk of loss of attractiveness”

Following the strike notice, several meetings with management took place, specifies the union official, who was awaiting “a response last week”. This is slow in coming, according to Stéphane Gaudemer, the agents decided to demonstrate this Monday, in order to be heard.

Contacted this Monday, Yvon Le Tilly, deputy director of the Hospitals of Chartres, specifies that “the legitimacy of the request is not contested by the management but that in the state of the regulations, the agents of the medico-social sector, excluding nursing homes, are not targeted by the statutory revaluation ”provided for by Ségur.

The head of the establishment, he specifies, is to meet this week with union representatives to discuss their demand: “The management is not in a situation of opposition. ”

Sebastien couratin
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