The Salon à l’Envers du Grand Est an original idea

Created in June 1995, “ENTREPRENDRE EN LORRAINE NORD” is an association of business leaders for business leaders. Today, more than 180 BUSINESS MANAGERS are members.
The fundamental objectives of the association are: To know each other better, To exchange ideas and To act for local and regional economic development.
Since its launch in 1996, the Salon à l’Envers has always aroused so much interest, better yet it is impatiently awaited …
This original idea allows a special connection, between Supply and Demand where for once the visitor does not buy but sells and where the salesperson can make as many contacts during this day as during several months of prospecting!
The walk-in business meeting has become an essential Greater Region event over the years and asserts itself in its role of intercompany connection.
Unlike other shows, the Salon à l’Envers puts forward buyers and contractors who express their needs and visitors who offer solutions to exhibitors … hence the name “upside down. “.
This event is the flagship event of ENTREPRENDRE EN LORRAINE NORD, unique in the Grand Est of France, held every year in Thionville and which allows many SMIs and SMEs to conduct direct business with a large number of donors. orders (over 176 in 2019).

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