The Salary and Fortune of the Highest Paid Budget Manager in Romania

The Salary and Fortune of the Highest Paid Budget Manager in Romania

The well-paid budget manager had a night of auspiciousness. The ex-wife of a famous politician had fun with him. After a few hours of fun, the two left the bar holding hands.

The highest paid budget man enjoyed himself this weekend with the ex-wife of a famous politician. He spent time in the northern area of ​​the Capital with Alice Constantinică, ex-wife of Codrin Ștefănescu.

He is coveted by many girls, this is because of the capital he owns. He is one of the best-paid budget managers.

What is the salary of the best paid budget officer in Romania

right is considered one of the highest paid budget managers. In 2022, he earned over 1.2 million lei from the positions he holds at an institution majority-owned by the Romanian state.

The income of the well-paid budget worker has increased in the last year. In 2021 he collected 995,715 lei. However, last year’s amount is much lower than those taken in 2019 and 2020, when he collected 2.11 million and 1.03 million lei, respectively.

In addition to all the income collected from Exim, he also holds a mandate at Banca Românească, from where he received 12,636 lei last year.

The fortune that Halalai has

In the declaration of wealth submitted in 2022, the budget holder said that he owns two urban plots. One in the Capital of 240 square meters and another in Popești-Leordeni of 612 m.

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