The Sahara goes from protagonist to secondary actor in a plenary session that is used to settle accounts

CARTAGENA. The plenary session of the Cartagena City Council has shown its support for the legitimate rights of the Saharawi people and has expressed his reprobation to the unilateral declarations issued by the President of the Government, Pedro Sanchezabout the conflict of Occidental Sahara.

This has been decided by the municipal corporation, meeting this Monday, May 16, in a Plenary extraordinary which discussed the western sahara problem in a monographic session held at the request of United We Can Left United Greens Equo. But although the Sahara or in this case the crisis provoked in recent months, was the reason for its call, this has served for the councilors of one and the other parties to settle pending accounts and throw themselves in the face if some had promised never to debate on national issues and others will remember the ‘censorship’ to which the coalition that governs Cartagena subjects them.

the councilwoman Aroha Nicolásas proponent of this Plenary, has defended that “the rights of the Saharawi people to self-determination have been recognized by the ONU in more than 60 resolutions, the African Union, the international Court of Justicethe European Union and by a resolution of the National audience of 2014″.

Thus, the Plenary has shown its support for the defense of the legal and institutional framework of the United Nations for the solution of Western Sahara conflict through holding a self-determination referendum with all the options as the only way for a peaceful and stable solution as it is an unfinished decolonization issue and has expressed its disagreement with the Moroccan proposal for autonomy under the sovereignty from morocco to the exclusion of other options.

The proposal was approved with the votes in favor of the municipal government, United We Canthe non-attached mayor Gonzalo Abad and with the abstention of the municipal group MC Cartagena.

But in just over half an hour, the Sahara issue has served as an excuse and has gone from being the protagonist to a supporting actor. The mayor Esperanza Nieto has brought out the artillery to reproach the councilors of United We Can for the unnecessary debate: “Surely the citizens of Cartagena are intrigued and nervous about the result of this vote because it is seen that Cartagena can decide on these matters and we do not We knew. Our suspicions do not interest anyone, ladies of Podemos. For these issues, the Spaniards elect the deputies. The people of Cartagena have not elected their councilors so that they waste a morning commenting on an international situation in which we have nothing to say, ” expressed ironically.

But, once one of the objectives had been pointed out, he would load the weapon to fix his peephole on another, in this case MC Cartagena, who supported the convening of this Plenary. “The ladies of Podemos once again use this plenary session for internal wars with their government partners and MC Cartagena lends them his vote to convene a plenary session to talk about the Sahara. The party, in reference to the Cartagena party, which had promised not to intervene in any matter that had nothing to do with the needs of Cartagena goes and calls a plenary session. If it is necessary to market with the plenary sessions, it is done. Today for you, tomorrow for me. We can follow MC in his theater to leave the Plenary for no reason and now MC gives him his votes to bring the Sahara. If you have to skip the word, then skip it. Let’s see if we finish soon, because we have a lot to work on and the councilors who presented the initiative are not even here.”

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The deputy spokesman for MC Cartagena, Jesús Giménez Gallo responded that they are always ready for discussion and, incidentally, I dropped a pill “Because it was not possible two plenary sessions ago due to a censorship action against the opposition. What each one brings will depend on the responsibility each one has. We do not bring national motions. It’s okay to lose 15 minutes. Cartagena is occupied and betrayed. We are here for the censorship of the opposition and to make it clear that we have a word and the one we gave when voting urgently, because we are in favor of the debate.

Another issue, Giménez Gallo added, will be that of the Saharahui People, “This is not the forum to discuss the situation of the Saharawi people. When it comes to solidarity and justice for Cartagena, whoever signs this motion and votes for it plays the ostrich. We are in a plenary session of political fiction. We are wasting time to put ourselves in front of the mirror and that they understand it with a single motion and, in this way, stop doing it every day from now on.

“A good friend and politician always said that a favor you ask for, a favor you exhaust,” responded Nieto, a PP councilor. “Go figure out the accounts among yourselves. The gentlemen of MC have repeated ad nauseam in this plenary session that they were not going to participate in these initiatives, but we already know the value of their word: none and even more so when they attend the plenary session, think about it, Mrs. de Podemos”.

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Aroha Nicolás ended by saying that “we bring a question of solidarity. I refuse to turn Cartagena into a kind of island and what happens around it does not affect us. Are there no Sahrawis in Cartagena? They contribute, pay their taxes and are concerned your situation. We cannot go out with a flag supporting the Ukrainian people and for others to say that we are losing fifteen minutes. We condemn this change of course in Pedro Sánchez’s policy, which has come to yield to a blackmail from the Government of Morocco. We cannot say that we support sending weapons to the Government of Ukraine and we are not sending them to the Polisario Front to fight for its self-determination.”

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