The sadistic cut of an ex-girlfriend in southern Jakarta, the victim’s head is nearly split


The police found out correspondence against a man with the initials EYW (28) who was designed from the initials of his ex-girlfriend AB (21) in Pesanggrahan, South Jakarta. The victim sustained severe head injuries.

The stabbing of the victim took place on Thursday (4/8) in Pesanggrahan, in southern Jakarta. One of the authors with the initials NPA (19) stabbed the victim’s head.

“If we look at the victim’s injuries, they were pretty serious, especially the one that was stabbed in the head, it’s almost split,” said 2nd Resmob Ditreskrimum Polda Metro chief Jaya Kompol Maulana Mukarom at Metro Police Headquarters. Jaya, Jakarta, Friday (9/23/2022).


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One of the other executioners with the initials AMK (20) played a role in the execution abuse to the victim. AMK even hit the victim with a hammer.

The authors of this executor were also subjected to urine tests. The author was known to be conscious when he performed the sadistic act.

“They are aware. We did a urine test, the results are negative,” he said.

The victim is undergoing intensive care in the hospital. Fortunately, EYW’s life is still safe and she is undergoing a healing process.

“The victim was badly injured, his head was completely split. Thank God the victim received intensive treatment and is now recovering,” Maulana said.

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