The sad story of a man suffering from a rare disease, experiences the flu every time he reaches orgasm – A 27-year-old man in one country was identified as having a rare disease that causes him flu-like symptoms every time orgasm.

The unnamed man’s case was recently reported in a medical journal Case reports of urology by a team of doctors who have successfully treated the condition with antihistamines.

Scientists describe the rare human disease as an allergic or autoimmune reaction to one’s sperm, which causes flu-like symptoms.

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Symptoms reported include:

  • Fever
  • Cough
  • Sneeze
  • Muscle weakness
  • Disturbances in concentration
  • Memory disturbance
  • Conversation problems too

Due to the bothersome symptoms associated with his own orgasm, the man would actively avoid sleeping with his partner for long periods of time.

While the above case may seem strange, it really happens.

Scientists have so far found nearly 60 cases of people who have developed a rare and serious condition known as post-illness syndrome Orgasm (THEN).

Indeed, it is increasingly recognized as a cause of debilitating sexual dysfunction in men, but because it is so rare and rare, it is often misdiagnosed.

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“Many health care workers don’t know (POIS), let alone the community,” said Dr. Andrew Shanholtzer of Oakland University’s William Beaumont School of Medicine, co-author of the case report.

“It most likely goes undiagnosed, with many sufferers out there,” the researcher said Central of the oddities.

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