The sad fate of Saguwanto becomes the victim of Kanjuruhan, broken legs with blisters


Nur Saguwanto (19) had a sad fate. One of the Arema FC fans was a victim of the Kanjuruhan tragedy. He had to accept his fate of having a broken leg and blisters on his face. At this moment, he was still choking on the residual tear gas in his body.

There were 131 victims who died in this Kanjuruhan tragedy. Then, hundreds of victims sustained minor to severe injuries.

For detik Jatim, he was thankful that he had survived the tragedy. However, this resident of Jalan Karsidi RT 2 / RW 3, Tegalsari village, Kepanjen district, Malang regency, still lies inert in his bed.

Saguwanto suffered a fracture in his left leg. Also, his face was blistered and both eyes were swollen.

Traces of tear gas remained in his body. So that while breathing, Saguwanto admitted that he was a bit heavy and congested.

Saguwanto said he witnessed the match between Arema FC and Persebaya on the 11th Grandstand. After the game was over, he saw several spectators take the field.

“Suddenly there was a shot of tear gas where I was sitting. After that I don’t remember anymore,” he recalled when he was met by reporters at his home on Thursday (10/06/2022).

The young man who just graduated from SMK Muhammadiyah 7 Gondanglegi admitted that he was still traumatized after going through the dark tragedy that killed 131 people.

“I only realized when Sunday morning. Suddenly I was already in Kanjuruhan hospital. I couldn’t call my family, because my vision was blurry,” he said.

In the only condition that he was lying in the hospital, Saguwanto could only cry. Saguwanto’s sadness only subsided after the family arrived at the hospital.

Meanwhile, the victim’s mother, Dewi Fitri (38), admitted that she panicked because her son was not found in all hospitals.

“We all panicked, because my son was searched in all the hospitals, there weren’t any. We only met him on Sunday morning,” said Ms. Dewi Fitri.

Although his condition was quite serious, Saguwanto was finally allowed to return home after receiving medical treatment. This is because the treatment room is crowded.

“Finally my son has been returned. I took him home, Call the village midwife to help put the infusions on and take care of them directly, “she said.

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