The Russians were warned about the ice: Society: Russia:

Ice will appear on the roads in the European part of Russia within the next week. About it RIA Novosti warned scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand.

According to him, the night temperature will fluctuate around zero, the minimum thermometer will drop to minus two – minus three degrees. Against the background of precipitation and light snow, this will lead to freezing of the roadway and the appearance of ice.

“Meteorologists call it subfebrile temperature, but not for humans, but for weather conditions. It will rain a little bit, and a little freezing will begin, slipping increases, and ice will appear, ”explained Vilfand.

During the day, the air will warm up to five to seven degrees. Such weather will be typical for the center of European Russia.

Formerly Wilfand announced the beginning of the pre-winter season from 15 October. It will bring an abnormal cold snap and “a real harsh autumn” to the European part of the country. Instead of southern flows, there will be western, and then north-western, and then north-north-western ones, there will be a sharp drop in temperature, the meteorologist noted. The temperature background will be around or even below normal.

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