The Russians have listed the worst New Year gifts: Society: Russia:

The Russians have listed gifts that they would not like to receive for the New Year. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

For 8 percent of respondents, the most unsuccessful New Year gifts were items of clothing. At the same time, men complained about this three times more often than women.

4 percent of respondents named New Year’s souvenirs as unwanted gifts – candles, key rings, figurines and magnets. Sweets, chocolate or cake were considered unsuccessful presentations by 3 percent of Russians, the same number were against cosmetics and perfumery.

A significant part (18 percent) of the respondents named isolated variants of unsuccessful gifts, including a hookah for a non-smoker, flippers, an adjustable wrench, a ballpoint pen and even a live rat. And 24 percent of respondents named the absence of a present as the worst New Year’s surprise.

Resident of Norway in 2019 sent to a Russian woman by mail a New Year’s gift, which included 300 tablets of the prescription drug bupropion for the treatment of depression. Customs decided that the medication contained derivatives of the illicit drug ephedrone. The recipient was detained and a criminal case was opened against her

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