The Russian woman went 163.5 kilometers per day and set a world record: Summer sports: Sports:

Russian Irina Markova set a world record in Nordic (Scandinavian) walking. This was reported on the page of the Russian Federation for this sport on VKontakte.

During the ultramarathon called “Time of Records”, the athlete covered 163 kilometers and 525 meters, which is an unrivaled achievement in this discipline. A native of St. Petersburg broke the Polish record of Katarzyna Marondel, which was 149 kilometers 120 meters.

In addition, as part of the competition, Albina Tumasyan from Cherepovets updated her 12-hour walking record in Russia. Now it is 75 kilometers 60 meters.

Nordic walking is a sport that uses a specific walking technique using specially designed sticks. The direction gained worldwide popularity in the late 1990s.

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