The Russian Voronkov provoked until it worked out for him. Pesan smirked at how the Czechs reacted

The 21-year-old forward provoked Kazan from the beginning of the duel. He got into fights after whistling with several Czech players. After a rift with Lukáš Klok, they both served a smaller penalty for chopping in the 20th minute, they also had a conflict with Jan Kovář or Tomáš Kundrátek.

But he was calm from the 38th minute. Although the judges first gave him two minutes for a foul at the guardrail on Sedlák in the offensive zone of the Czechs, after a video revision, they sent him under the showers prematurely. To the great displeasure of the Russian substitute, which the punishment did not like.

“I didn’t go to him with a hit. I was just reaching out to prick the puck. He didn’t expect it. He thought I would go grind him there, “Sedlák described the situation.

“He wanted to make a reverse point, and as I reached out, I had my head down. He hit me with her elbow right into her. From his point of view, an unfortunate intervention. But it was a very important moment of the match, “the attacker told Chelyabinsk.

“Voronkov plays like this. He was also sharp in previous matches against Switzerland and Denmark. He is a young, big and tough boy, “said Filip Pešán, the coach of the Czech national team, about the 192 cm tall striker.

The situation before the opening bulls, when the referee had to tame the stuttering centers of Krejčí and Karnauchov, already showed that the match will be full of clashes, skirmishes and hints of skirmishes.

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“We did not want to be provoked by the Russians because they played hard. We knew it would hurt. Hats off that we didn’t back down in front of them and let ourselves go crazy for some revenge. For me, a good reaction of calm force, which is a good precondition for further matches, “Pešán praised the behavior of his charges.

“When you play against the Russians and it’s at a pace they don’t want, they start to get a little nervous,” said attacker Michael Spack, who adorned his Olympic debut with a power-up goal of 3: 2 the day after Friday’s arrival after overcoming the lead.

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