The Russian restaurant exhibits jewelry from Eastern countries in Toulouse

The Royal Troika innovates with a golden idea. Located at 23 rue des Filatiers, the restaurant serving Russian and Armenian specialties now offers the jewelry exhibition.

The objective is to promote the creations of the countries of the East. This new concept is already seducing customers, many of whom have come to discover its real treasures. “We have not presented our entire collection and already we have orders. We thought we had a bizarre idea of ​​mixing two totally different worlds”, confesses Inessa Stepanova.

This unexpected deal matured during the second lockdown. Today, more than 80 jewels complete the feminine collection. The daughter of Susi Calhava, owner of the place, wanted to find one of her Proust madeleines.

“I love the jewelry from there. They have a singularity that you cannot find in France. This approach is a step towards the world of fashion. I measure the viability of a future project” adds one of the sisters. . This craze was born on social networks. She regularly posts the goldsmiths of Russian and Armenian artisans. Each creation is chosen according to their crush. Soon, she plans to add a masculine touch to the collection.

This growing success draws a dream for mother and daughter. “In the long term, we would like to open a jewelry store separate from the restaurant,” they admit. The revival of Troïka Royale is rich in novelties. The restaurant expands its menu with exotic flavors. The specialty platters highlight the richness of Russian and Armenian culture through traditional dishes, desserts and drinks from both countries.


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