The Russian government has banned the export of fuel

The Russian government has banned the export of fuel

Thus, as already reported, from September 21, the Russian government banned the export of gasoline and diesel fuel.

According to information obtained by SIA from Russian websites, the decision was taken to stabilize the rising domestic prices during the harvest campaign. According to reports, supply shortages were reported in the Southern regions and annexed Crimea.

Meanwhile, the press service of Mishustin’s cabinet and state institutions call the ban “temporary restrictions”. It is noted that the measure should saturate the domestic market.

On September 20, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Novak said that the ministers are ready for radical measures to limit prices.

Against the backdrop of tightening regulations for manufacturers, wholesale prices began to decline, according to data from the St. Petersburg Stock Exchange, but retail prices remained unchanged.

…Even after discounts, the exchange price of AI-92 gasoline was 61.8 thousand rubles per ton on Thursday. Summer diesel fuel required for agricultural machinery and trucks is 71.8 thousand rubles.

Recall that on July 31, its price was below 57,000 rubles per ton.

Agasaf Babayev

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