The Russian Federation decided to arrange a real economic blockade for us, some kind of “besieged Leningrad” begins in our country / GORDON

“We have winters and tariff stories are always difficult for the ruling parties, it’s true. It seems to me that this winter there will be no problems with tariffs, how was the last… There may be electricity problems this winter. I would not like to be Kassandra, who brings trouble, but we understand that there are risks, and they are associated with the supply of coal, which is renewed. There may be some interruptions, “he said, responding to the journalist’s assumption that after this winter, the current rating of the Servant of the People will drop dramatically.

He explained that coal is supplied by sea, and recalled the situation in the Suez Canal, “where bulk carrier across the canal, paralyzed navigation for a week. ”

“Again, we are at war with the Russian Federation, which has decided to arrange a real economic blockade for us, including on the transportation of coal from Kazakhstan – we are starting some kind of” besieged Leningrad “with the road of life to Europe through the” Burshtyn Island ” – said Kornienko.

He stressed that ministries and parliament need to work to achieve energy independence “as soon as possible”, reform the energy sector to become a unified energy system with Europe, and “take power flows from Europe, and not from Russia and Belarus”, as well as engage in energy efficiency, and consumers – to introduce household savings.

He also noted that the parliament will monitor the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers in the field of energy.

“We have a basic toolkit – to listen to information. And this should act, including at the level of“ an hour for questions to the government. ”I think that the Minister of Energy [Герман Галущенко] will be our frequent guest with [министром здравоохранения Виктором] Lyashko. They can paint themselves a “flashing light” before the end of winter – one week, another week, “said Kornienko.


Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Maxim Nemchinov on October 15 warned that for the passage of the heating season in Ukraine additional coal to be supplied… According to him, Ukraine has contracts for the import of coal for $ 4 million, contracts for another $ 2 million are expected before the end of the heating season.

On October 29 it became known that the Russian Federation from November 1 stops the supply of thermal coal to Ukraine.

On October 30, the Ministry of Energy reported that in November of this year Ukraine will import coal from Poland, Kazakhstan and South Africa, Ukrainian companies have already signed the necessary contracts.

Energy Minister of Ukraine Herman Galushchenko on November 5 assured that Ukraine will be able to calmly go through the heating perioddespite the fact that the Russian Federation stops supplies of thermal coal to Ukraine and creates artificial obstacles for Ukraine’s import of coal from Kazakhstan. The Ministry of Infrastructure Development of Kazakhstan claims that Russia did not block the supply of coal to Ukraine, “but there are some limitations in connection with the workload of the infrastructure from the Russian side “.

Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal said on November 11 that the autumn-winter period in Ukraine will be stable and energy resources enough for the heating season.

As of November 15, coal reserves in the warehouses of thermal power plants of Ukrainian power generating companies made up 378 thousand tons tons… According to the agency “Interfax-Ukraine”, over the last week, coal reserves decreased by 21.1% (101.3 thousand tons).

On the evening of November 15, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy published a video message in which he promised that there will be no shortage of coal in Ukraine, and “the state will not leave anyone without light and heat”.



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