The Russian Blue Bird-Bule driver met, the catcalling case ended peacefully


South Jakarta subway police media Pencil case daze Bluebird driver initials FN with Russian Caucasians, Valerie. In mediation, the Caucasian Russian and the Blue Bird driver forgave each other.

“Mediated to the police, already All right. He also accompanied the management of Blue Bird, there was also Miss Valerie, already, Everything went smoothly, well, “said the head of the criminal investigation unit of the South Jakarta Metro Police, Kompol Irwandhy, when contacted by reporters on Thursday (11/10/2022).

Irwandhy said FN did not intend to do this verbal abuse against Valeria. You said that FN only wanted to offer its taxi services to Valerie.

“I didn’t mean that, it didn’t mean harassing and so on. Just offering services to provide meant that,” he said.

Furthermore, he said both sides had forgiven each other. You stressed that the case was peaceful.

“From Valerie forgives, also apologizes, it’s clear“He said.

Previously, a video of a Caucasian woman being harassed by a Blue Bird driver went viral. At the time of the accident, the Caucasian was walking on the sidewalk.

The tourist who would have come from Russia experimented daze verbally by the Blue Bird taxi driver. The incident was disclosed in a short video lasting less than 1 minute. From the video it appears that the event took place at sunset.

The driver was heard shouting some obscene phrases followed by repeated laughter.

“Very nice, baby,” the taxi driver said, laughing.

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Watch the video: Duh, the Russian Caucasians are harassed by the Blue Bird driver

[Gambas:Video 20detik]

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