The runner orbits power plants due to the end of coal. He wants to cover 260 km in two days

Hřebecký only set off with a backpack and sleeping bag, he wants to run as long as he can. The plan is not just to run flat. He set off from Ústí in the direction of Milešovka, and Klínovec also wants to conquer it.

“I think the first night will be in line, I’ll run as fast as I can. It will work during the day as well, I think that the second night, which will be somewhere around Klínovec, will be difficult. I’ll probably go somewhere there and sleep for two or three hours and then run on, “Hřebecký outlined the running plan.

Hřebecký’s route will also lead to Milešovka, Klínovec also wants to conquer

Photo: Aleš Pelikán, Právo

The route leads around coal-fired power plants, such as Ledvice u Bíliny. Along the way, other most important power plants and large quarries will also pass, which have made a significant impression on the face and past of the Ústí nad Labem and Karlovy Vary regions. It is precisely the problems of the transition from coal to other energy sources that he wants to draw attention to.

“What I’m watching is the debate of the people who are directly affected, who work in the mines, in the coal-fired power plants, there are a lot of their concerns around it. They are afraid, they are scared and in my opinion it is important to point out that it is necessary to think about these people, “said Hřebecký.

Hřebecký’s run, called “48 hours of running between power plants for a kinder end of coal”, wants to raise the highest possible amount among the public to support the energy campaign of the RAINBOW Movement under the call of the same name on the portal.

“The aim is to draw attention to the fair transformation of energy in the Czech Republic and the transition from coal to renewable energy sources. This is also supported by various companies, which have agreed to donate two crowns per kilometer. We are currently at some 25,000, we could get up to around 50,000 crowns, “said Michael Kleinert from the Rainbow movement.

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