The robbery of the gold digger in Rouillac: one year firm for one of the authors

Two years in prison, one year closed. With continued detention. This is the sentence handed down late Tuesday evening, the Angoulême criminal court, against Patrice Steinbach, 21 years old.

He was tried in immediate appearance for the robbery of a 35-year-old man, in Rouillac, on March 22, in the early morning hours. That day, with his 17-year-old brother, they robbed this thirty-something they knew. They took him out of his car and stole his satchel, which contained some jewelry. The loot would amount to several thousand euros.

The victim, who comes out with a broken ankle, has had time to recognize his attackers. Two “acquaintances”, armed with a rifle, who fled through the rows of vines. Obviously, the robbers knew the victim’s passion for detecting precious metals and knew he owned jewelry.

They were finally arrested over the Easter weekend and Patrice Steinbach was tried on Tuesday in immediate appearance. As for his minor brother, he is the subject of a summons by a judicial police officer to be indicted next May.

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