The robber took tens of millions of jewelry from a jewelry store in central Paris. He rode a scooter

The robbery took place around 17:00 CEST. The man arrived at the jewelry store on a scooter and pulled out a firearm inside the store. When he received the jewelry and precious stones, he left by the same means of transport again.

Police detained two suspects at a highway rest stop in the French department of Moselle early Wednesday morning. They had a large portion of the stolen goods with them, sources from the Paris police and prosecutor’s office told AFP.

The raid shop is located at Rue François 1er. In 2009, the more famous branch of the jewelry store on the Place Vendôme in Paris was looted, from which the gems worth 1.9 million euros (almost 49 million CZK) disappeared, the AFP agency reminded.

A pair of suspects in the jewelry robbery for tens of millions of crowns were caught by the French police less than 24 hours after the robbery.

Photo: Benoit Tessier, Reuters

Chaumet’s jewelry store was founded more than two centuries ago. Chaumet was a jeweler of Emperor Napoleon or Queen Victoria, supplying tiaras to numerous crowned heads. His jewelry was complemented by the robes of such creators as Christian Dior. Back in the 1980s, the company was in the hands of families – brothers Jacques and Pierre Chaumet. It was later bought by the LVMH group.


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