The road comedy movie “The Rattle Drum”: father and son halfway, humor on the way to find

On February 4, the film “Rattle Drum” held its national premiere in Beijing. The film is supervised by the famous screenwriter Lu Wei and directed by the young director Bai Zhiqiang. It tells the story of the truck driver Gou Ren and the left-behind child Maodou. The “halfway father and son” staged scenes of humorous, bitter and touching road comedy on the way to find people. The movie will be released nationwide on February 25.

The director Bai Zhiqiang of “The Rattle Drum” (hereinafter referred to as “The Rattle Drum”), the producer Tian Jiaoping, Hui Wangjun who played the role of Gou Ren in the film, Bai Zeze who played the role of Maodou and other main creators attended the post-screening exchange. The film uses an “all-amateur” cast. In the film, the left-behind child Maodou is played by Bai Zeze, a boy selected from the local village “by audition”, and the truck driver Gou Ren, played by Hui Wangjun, is a taxi driver.

Although they “acted in their true colors”, their performance was praised by the audience. The audience mentioned the excellent performance of the two leading actors in the post-screening communication session: “It is completely unimaginable that they have not received professional training in acting.” “Their own breath of life adds to the credibility of the story.” Regarding the crying scene, Bai Zeze said with a smile, “This is a sad story”, “I couldn’t cry at the time, but the director played it (on my head), and it made me cry.”

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After watching the movie, the famous screenwriter Shi Hang analyzed the details of life in the movie, and said, “The advantage of this movie is that it has ‘stickiness’, which made me ‘float’ to you without knowing it.” The audience should speak more for “Rattle Drum”, so that this movie can go further.

“The Rattle Drum” is the first feature film directed by Bai Zhiqiang. Before that, he has been engaged in the creation of documentaries, which also makes the film full of unique documentary temperament-he called it “terrible truth”. The documentary was also an opportunity for director Bai and film producer Lu Wei to get acquainted. “Mr. Lu Wei is my master in film production and study.” Bai Zhiqiang said that Mr. Lu Wei mainly provided him with suggestions for revision of the script and lines. Rooted in life, there is much to be done” gave him a bottom line.

Regarding the statement that “this is a rare movie focusing on small people nowadays”, Director Bai Zhiqiang said, “Some people say that I always like to shoot some marginal characters. In fact, I think 1.4 billion people may be closer to them, but they seem to be on the big screen. I don’t get much to show. Since I have a medium like film, this ‘talking machine’, I should speak for them and tell their stories.” (China Youth Daily·China Youth Daily reporter Shen Jiequn)

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