The risk of fire in residential care complexes remains high due to the filling of sofas and mattresses

In an empty nursing home, fire safety was investigated for weeks. A sofa was set on fire 19 times and the fire was extinguished after 20 minutes.

Measures are ineffective

Due to the foam filling of the sofas, the smoke development was so intense and the vapors were so toxic that many measures were no longer effective. In fact, the situation becomes life-threatening in other apartments in a matter of minutes.

Self-closing, smoke-resistant doors, as will be mandatory from next year in the Building Decree for residential care complexes, are of little or no use.

The Institute for Physical Safety (IFV) wants the government to think about the problems caused by the material that modern sofas and mattresses are made of, says René Hagen of the IFV. “Fires have changed. The regulations that were sufficient thirty years ago to prevent the spread of smoke are no longer valid today.”

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