The Rise of Birkenstock: Vintage Fashion Takes the Brand to the New York Stock Exchange

The Rise of Birkenstock: Vintage Fashion Takes the Brand to the New York Stock Exchange

The famous German sandal brand Birkenstock will list on the New York Stock Exchange. The listing date and the number of shares are not yet known, but the Franco-American investment company L.Catterton, owner of the brand, forecasts a valuation which should be between 7 and 8 billion euros. . Or when vintage fashion gives new life to a product.

Quality & vintage

With the fashion for vintage and the appeal of retro among the public, the sandal brand Birkenstock has never been better. So much so that the German manufacturer will list on the New York Stock Exchange in the coming weeks.

For Birkenstock, it all began in 1897 when the young Konrad Birkenstock decided to launch a shoe model with unparalleled comfort. He then traveled across Germany, then Austria, to find financial partners. But it was alone, while working in the Frankfurt hospital during the First World War, that he began to create his shoe. A model closer to orthopedic shoes than fashion, but which appeals to soldiers.

Conquering America

Birkenstock revolutionizes the world of shoes with an extremely comfortable product adapted to the foot. In 1932, he opened a school intended to train specialists who would sell Birkenstock products. Shoes that are much more than that, since they are based on long studies of the anatomy of the foot. After the war, the brand was established and distributed in more than 80 countries. Success is there but there is still one market to conquer: America!

And it was a German-American fashion designer, Margot Fraser, who during a trip to Germany in 1966 discovered Birkenstock shoes and decided to introduce them to the American market. The ex-seamstress has largely contributed to the international success of the brand. Convinced of the quality of the products, she obtained distribution rights on American soil and became CEO on Uncle Sam’s market.

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The perfect mix

Known and recognized as an excellent comfort shoe and orthopedically perfect, the Birkenstock nevertheless suffers from a lack of glamor on an aesthetic level. And it was thanks to a Paco Rabanne fashion show in 1997 that the ugly and comfortable sandal hit the catwalks and attracted the flashes of fashion photographers. And that’s good, since the woman frees herself and drops the pumps for flat and comfortable sandals. Great for feet and ankles.

Today more than ever, benefiting from a perfect mix of quality/image/vintage, the Birkenstock sandal is a hit and has entered the New York Stock Exchange. A beautiful journey carried out step by step in a century of existence.

Birkenstock achieved a turnover of 1.4 billion euros in 2022.

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