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The Rise of Artificial Intelligence: Impact on White-Collar Jobs

White-collar jobs will be among the first to be affected by artificial intelligence, said IBM Chairman and CEO Arvind Krishna.

What is known

Krishna said that generative AI and large language models can “make the corporate process more productive.”

“It means you can do the same job with fewer people. That’s the nature of productivity. I think it’s going to be in the so-called back office first,” he said.

Krishna added that “demographic disinflation” is leading to a decline in the working-age population. If labor productivity is not increased, the quality of life will fall, he believes.

“I think AI is the only answer we have,” Krishna added.

In May, it became known that IBM plans to suspend recruitment for positions that it believes can be replaced by artificial intelligence. According to Krishna, we are talking about 7,800 jobs.

“That’s why I said that in the next five years we are not going to fill these positions. [белых воротничков]. But you will get a digital workforce or artificial intelligence bots that complement and work alongside the people doing the work. That’s where the number 7800 came from,” said Krishna.

Source: CNBC

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