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The Riksdag has approved Stefan Löfven as Prime Minister of Sweden – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

After Löfven lost the no-confidence vote two weeks ago, he continued as head of a business ministry.

Ulf Kristersson and the Moderates tried to get a majority to form a new government, but after two days he had to give up.

The Speaker of the Riksdag therefore proposed giving the assignment to Löfven again. He accepted the nomination.

And today the Riksdag approved that Lövfen may continue as prime minister, and form a government consisting of the Social Democrats and the Green Party.

Desired re-election

Sweden will have an ordinary parliamentary election next year. But several of the opposition parties thought it would be right to call new elections already now, so that voters could have their say on what policy the government should pursue.

Lövfen will now rule with a fragile majority with many compromises.

“It is better that this government does not join, than that we openly appoint a back-bound government that can fall at any time, and which apparently lacks the opportunity to get through a budget,” said Christian Democrat Ebba Busch.

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Barely a minority

At least half of the Riksdag’s 349 representatives had to vote no if Lövfen had been thrown out. In the vote, there was a narrow minority of 173 representatives who voted against the proposal.

A total of 116 people voted yes, while 60 abstained. Lövfen may therefore continue as Prime Minister.

The minority could have been even scarcer. The Liberals voted to overthrow Lövfen, but Nina Lundström went against the party line, and abstained from voting because the party before the election in 2018 promised not to cooperate with the Sweden Democrats.

– To vote yellow means to tolerate, but also to stand freely in opposition. I therefore honor the election promise before the election in 2018. That is why I voted yellow, she says according to SVT.

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