The Right Blood Sugar Level for a Healthy Body: Tips from Halodoc

Consumption of sugar affects the body’s metabolic system. Sugar that enters the body must be right, not less or not more.

The Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) said that excessive sugar consumption causes an increase in blood sugar levels or hyperglycemia. This situation occurs because insulin becomes resistant, in the sense that it is unable to carry out its task of processing sugar into energy.

Hyperglycemia causes a risk of obesity and diabetes mellitus. Uncontrolled diabetes can interfere with the work of other organs, such as the heart and kidneys.

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It is important to control blood sugar levels in the body. So, the first step is to know that the body has balanced levels. So, what is the threshold for the right blood sugar level for the body?

Halodoc distribute blood cave levels based on age as follows.

For this category, the sugar limit is 80-200 mg/dL per day. Blood sugar levels can change when the child wakes up, eats, until before going to bed.

In this age category, the blood sugar range reaches 80-180 mg/dL per day. Just like the previous age group, the child’s condition, such as having eaten or not, must be seen while monitoring their sugar levels.

Blood sugar levels that are considered normal for this age group are 70-150 mg/dL per day. Halodoc said, diabetes that occurs in adolescents is very difficult to manage because of problems of responsibility and behavioral control related to environmental influences.

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Halodoc explained that this age group had better sugar levels of 100-180 mg/dL per day. This is calculated when you wake up, blood sugar must be at its lowest point because the body has not eaten for about 8 hours.

The category of low sugar levels is when the examination number is less than 100 mg/dL. It has entered the dangerous category if the figure is below 70 mg/dL.

Meanwhile, for high blood sugar levels the figure exceeds 130 mg/dL before eating or 180 mg/dL after eating within 1-2 hours.

“Most people do not experience symptoms of illness until their sugar level reaches 250 mg/dL or higher. The highest blood sugar level that is still relatively safe is generally around 160-240 mg/dL,” wrote Halodoc on its website which has been reviewed by doctor Fadhli Rizal Makarim.

For the record, reading low or high sugar levels must go through a blood check and consult a doctor.

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