The RFGF will look for alternatives to the use of the mask | Radio Ourense

All the Galician football estates and medical specialists transferred their negative mask to soccer practice yesterday.

The RFGF will submit to the approval of the General Secretariat for Sports and the Department of Health a protocol with alternative measures that allow playing football with sanitary guarantees and provided that there is a majority consensus of the clubs.

Rafael Louzán remarks that football also wants to convey to society its involvement in the implementation of measures that contribute to mitigating the effects of COVID-19.

Once the Order of September 17, 2020 from Sewing of Health, in which the possibility of sports practice with contact but with the duty to wear a mask in training and competitions, the Royal Galician Football Federation began an intense round of consultations with all levels of the fGalician football began an intense round of consultations with all levels of the Galician football and also with specialists in sports medicine to analyze the viability of using the mask in soccer practice. And after listening to countless opinions and evaluations, the conclusion reached by the RFGF is that I know They should look for alternative measures to the use of the mask both for training sessions and for football matches.

From the RFGF We appreciate the effort you are making since General Secretariat for Sport and from the Health Department to recover a certain normality in Galician sports, and we understand that this update of the protocol represents a great advance for many sports disciplines. But taking into account that analysis carried out yesterday and taking into account referred to in the aforementioned Order of the Ministry of Health, the RFGF is already working to introduce you to the General Secretariat for Sport an updated protocol with alternative specific protection measures, a possibility that leaves open the own Consellería am the Order published this Thursday.

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