the revolt of the comrades –

from Salvatore Riggio

CR7 recommends the chef of the club: fish stew with potatoes and eggs or octopus. But the comrades don’t like it

He will also be one of the strongest players in football history, but not everyone loves the whims of Cristiano Ronaldo. His new companions are noticing this Manchester United, a club in which the Portuguese returned after nine seasons to Real Madrid and three to Juventus.

Now the problem lies cod based diet. As the Sun, CR7 would have recommended to the chef of the Red Devils a new men. Not just for itself, but for the whole team. And there is a dish, to begin with, that hardly anyone likes. Bacalhau in bras: cod stew with potatoes and eggs who left aftermath in the United locker room. As it happens with the octopus, another specialty that Cristiano Ronaldo loves for his dietbut that his teammates refuse without wanting to find a compromise.

Christian very attentive to his proteins. Like slices of ham, eggs, and avocado, and the chefs are trying to help him, a source close to the Red Devils’ locker room told the tabloid. And there are many details that confirm once again how important it is for the Portuguese champion to have a correct diet. Because another quirk of CR7 was asking the team to give up dessert on Friday. I can guarantee that there wasn’t a single player who touched the apple pie and no one even got up to get the brownie, the source concluded. Now the important thing will be to get everyone to agree on the men.

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