The return of the clown shoe? How would you like the modern BMW Z4 Coupe?

Do you remember the BMW Z3 Coupé, a strange car that has earned the nickname “clown shoe” for its body shape?

It is a coupe or perhaps better said a three-door sedan, which was born on the basis of the Z3 roadster. It was produced between 1998 and 2002, and after the end of production, the Bavarian car manufacturer did not invent a car with a similar style. Although the successor in the form of the Z4 existed as a coupe, it had decidedly sporty forms.

The current Z4 generation is now available exclusively as a roadster, with a canvas roof. Apparently, BMW is not planning another version.

Digital artist Sugar Chow however, it comes with an idea of ​​what a fixed body version might look like. And he took as inspiration the legendary “shoe”, or the Z3 Coupé.

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