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Ten years later he returns to the address Achero Mañas with a black comedy titled A normal world. There are more Spanish cinema this week: Come out of the closet it’s a comedy with Ingrid García-Jonsson, Veronica Forqué and Rosa Maria Sarda. In Search of Summerland is a British drama set in the Second World War, showing how families welcomed children evacuated from cities. And you can already see it in Netflix, I’m thinking of quitting, film with surrealist overtones by Charlie Kaufman about the weight of relationships. In classic cinema this week, One of ours turns 30, the movie of Martin Scorsese which is today a benchmark of gangster cinema. And on television Ridley Scott direct a new sci-fi adventure in Raised by wolves and Zoe Kravitz stars update High Fidelity in serial format.

A normal world (Achero Mañas)

Ten years later, Achero Mañas returns to the cinema with a very personal project, a bittersweet comedy that was born from the particular request that his mother made of him one day. The director of ‘El Bola’ and ‘Noviembre’ also returns to the family universe, after exploring fatherhood in ‘Everything you want’, and he does so at the hands of his daughter, Gala Amyach.

Ernesto Alterio He plays his alter ego from the future, a theater director willing to fulfill his mother’s last wish and plunged into a life crisis after divorcing. A character who also has a professional paralysis. Guardian of the essences of art, he dreams of making a musical and resists entering the entertainment roulette.

Achero Mañas puts into the mouth of this character some of his ideas and perceptions as a creator skeptical of the present to portray a man who claims the importance of staying true to himself in a world that drags you, in an alienated society. Critic of an industry that, he says, is in the hands of televisions and has cornered auteur cinema, Achero Mañas defends his independence in the face of the ups and downs of the sector.

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Dramatic comedy in the form of a road movie, with a corpse included from Madrid to the Mediterranean, Un mundo normal is an irregular proposal that works in its dissection of affections and family relationships. A story that, yes, in the middle of a pandemic acquires new readings about grief and the need to say goodbye to our loved ones.

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Come out of the closet (Angeles Reiné)

Sitcom about the family and the visibility of lesbians. It was the last film that Rosa María Sardá shot, who is a tandem and a fun on-screen couple with Verónica Forqué, two ‘friends’ from their environment who decide to take the step: leave the closet and get married. There are calls to the Pope, a priest-councilor, a media circus … It all enters into this crazy and kind story in which he is accompanied by Ingrid García Johnson, the prejudiced granddaughter, David Verdaguer and Candela Peña.

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A couch in Tunis (Manele Labidi)

There are countries more in need of psychoanalysis than others. Tunisia begins to need to analyze itself as it opens up to the world. With this metaphorical juice he establishes the comedy Un diván en Tunisia, a film that tries to show how the society of that country adapts to the rapid changes that have been experienced since the Arab Spring.

Actress Golshifteh Farahani, whom we have seen in films like Patterson, Pirates of the Caribbean or Tyler Rake, is the protagonist of this well-intentioned and vitalist comedy that hits theaters at a time in need of community laughter. She is a psychoanalyst, who was born in Tunisia, but at the age of ten she went to Paris. There he studied, lived and now returns to his native country to set up a therapy consultation in a country where the verbiage is enormous.

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There he will have to deal with new patients and adapt to the problems caused by their cultural differences, reconnecting with a past that he thought he had left behind. The director Manele Labidi signs her first film, who drinks from the cinema of Nadine Labaki, from that daily portrait, with a positive tone of her first films, such as Caramel O Now where do we go.

The French-Tunisian director has made a local comedy, but completely exportable to other Mediterranean countries, like ours, whose message is that every society, every family, needs to be psychoanalyzed together and separately.

In Search of Summerland (Jessica Swale)

British drama set in World War II when many children were evacuated from cities and taken in by families in the countryside. This is the case of a curmudgeonly writer, played by Gemma Arterton, whose change when she takes in one of these children and remembers her past with her great love, another woman. A Story of Overcoming Directed by Jessica Swale

I’m thinking of quitting (Charlie Kaufman)

Charlie Kaufman’s latest movie-madness comes straight to Netflix. Director of Anomalisa, screenwriter of the films of Michel Gondry and Spike Jonze, as The orchid thief and forget about me, He talks again about the impossibility of relationships, love, memories, loneliness, in a film with his usual surrealist touches. An abstraction full of references with an extraordinary cast led by Jessie Buckley, Jesse Plemons and Toni Colette.

The magnificent Ivan (Thea Sharrock)

Another premiere on platforms. Disney Plus continues to bet on real action and digital animation, in this case with ‘The magnificent Ivan‘, an animalistic fable in the Dumbo style, but with a gorilla who hatches a plan to escape from captivity. It is the adaptation of the novel by Katherine Applegate with Bryan Cranston, Walter White from Breaking Bad, as the protagonist, as the head of the circus. It also has the voices of Sam Rockell, Angelina Jolie, Danny DeVito or Helen Mirren.

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The Father (Kristina Grozeva and Petar Valchanov)

Independent cinema proposes a Bulgarian dramedia with a road movie tone that won at the Karlovy Vary festival. It is the story of a father and a son after the death of his wife and mother, the former’s obsession to communicate with her again through a medium, and the son’s reluctance. A journey about loss, absence and remorse that serves father and son to rediscover their relationship.

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Don’t think I’m going to scream (Frank Beauvais)

And the other proposal is a fascinating experiment. In early 2016, French director Frank Beauvois completely isolated himself after a sentimental breakup, voluntarily confined to a village in Alsace, his days passed between books and many films. From images and fragments of more than 400 films that he saw, he composes the narration of his state, which is also the state of France after the attacks, that of fear and the state of emergency, that of the start of the protests and social networks. An unsettling testimony to those dark days with this mash up of decontextualized shots.

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