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New coronal pneumonia is out of the plateau period, but influenza, influenza-like infant respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), various respiratory infections have occurred one after another, and there are many patients with cough, runny nose and Fever Shen Wanzheng said that in the fall and winter, when colds prevail, in addition to vaccines and medications, dietary nutrition provides human protection and is a powerful weapon against respiratory viruses such as influenza and RSV.
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Lemonade, Green Tea Antibacterial Throat Protein Increase Protection

Respiratory diseases such as influenza, RSV, parainfluenza, adenovirus and Streptococcus pneumoniae are on the rise recently In the season when various respiratory viruses are active, how to use “nutrition” to repel the virus? Nutritional countermeasures provided by dietician Shen Wanzheng include:

1. Honey lemonade:Honey can lubricate and soothe throat discomfort, and lemon is rich in vitamin C. Drinking honey lemonade can soothe cold symptoms and improve body protection.

2. Fruit:Fruits are rich in vitamin C, a well-known natural antioxidant. To prevent respiratory disease or cold-induced discomfort, you can consume more water-rich seasonal fruit, such as guava, pear, papaya, orange, dragon fruit, etc. You can also use fruit to make vegetable juice, or “Sydney rock sugar” or “papaya stew” “Milk” and other warmed and stewed snacks, including “papaya stew milk” can be added with the juice of ginger to make milk coagulate like a cheese, and the taste is very popular with children. Stewed papaya tastes easy to eat, and is the best mucosal repair nutrient.

3. Scented tea, green tea:Green tea catechins have antibacterial effects. You can also make tea with Hang chrysanthemum flowers and add wolfberry. In addition to improving eyesight and nourishing the liver, “Lycium barbarum hang chrysanthemum tea” also helps relieve throat inflammation and cough symptoms.

4. Egg fish meat:High-quality proteins are important for repairing tissues and improving protection. Dietitian Shen Wanzheng suggested not to eat meat when you have a sore throat. Refreshing and soft protein diets such as soy milk, steamed tea bowl, miso tofu soup, vegetable egg soup, steamed fish, etc. all suitable for providing proteins and supplementing nutritional energy.
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The respiratory virus is coming! Eat

▲ Diet shot to improve protection. (Photo provided / nutritionist Shen Wanzheng)

High sugar content and high fat content stimulate the throat, tobacco and alcohol aggravate cough and inflammation

Also, if you have a cold or respiratory infection, you should try to avoid high calorie or hot foods, including:

1. Refined starch and sweet snacks:Nutritionist Shen Wanzheng explained that snacks and sweets are easy to irritate the throat, while too much sugar and seasonings can aggravate the symptoms of inflammation and phlegm, which should be avoided or reduced.

2. Fried food:The food is fried at a high temperature, its nutritional value is reduced, but its calories are quite high.These empty calorie foods can easily cause inflammation in the body, aggravate the symptoms of cough and dry throat, and keep away from respiratory symptoms .

3. Tobacco and alcohol:After lighting cigarettes, there are at least 70 known carcinogens, which can cause severe respiratory irritation, not only aggravating the symptoms of cough and inflammation, but excessive alcohol intake will also increase the metabolic load of the liver. It is not suitable for children, and adults should try to avoid it. .
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The respiratory virus is coming! Eat

▲ Protect the respiratory tract, it is better to avoid some diets. (Photo provided / nutritionist Shen Wanzheng)

◎ Image Source / Dazhi Image / Shutterstock.Supplied by Shen Wanzheng, a nutritionist
◎ Source /Shen Wanzheng nutritionist

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