The Rennes start-up “Leocare”, online insurance, raises 110 million dollars

Leocare, a neo-insurance based in Rennes, announced this Tuesday morning to raise 110 million dollars, to continue its development. This 100% digital insurance, founded in 2017, now has more than 50,000 customers, and thus wishes to “accelerate the provision of a single insurance contract, unique, for the whole household”. Its co-founder and president Christophe Dandois is the guest of the Nouvelle Eco on France Bleu Armorique.

You are raising $ 110 million, what will you use it for?

Above all, it is for the customers, the French, the French and the Europeans. The first stake of this lifting, it is accelerating the growth of Leocare, facilitate the adhesion of customers and therefore consumers in this approach of a new insurance, on the French territory, since LeoCare wishes to be a leader in its domestic market. The second is to rely on know-how finally in Brittany, in particular on technologies with challenges of recruitment, innovation, therefore, with doctors in artificial engineering, experts in machine learning, but also recruitment of customer advisers with colleagues who have profiles between bac and bac + 2, BTS insurance. The third use of this levy is also to deploy Leocare, but also the French model of insurance, in other European countries, and it will start with Spain in semester 2 of 2022.

But that’s a hell of a lot of money, especially for a Rennes start-up. How do you explain it?

I believe that you have to have the humility and lucidity to tell yourself that there are several factors. A first step which, of course, is the continuity of the lifting that took place at the beginning of the year and therefore the ability of the entire management team to deliver the objectives set. The second point is that we are dealing with a subject such as insurance, and it is true that we have shown that despite the Covid, we were able to be, as we say in English, Covid-proof and therefore to show that we were there to serve. This is important because ultimately, when we come out of confinement, we saw that the insurance world was a bit heckled, and building Leocare is meet the needs of a company with something much more simplified, much more transparency, more flexibility. Third point, we are in a global context where, in the United States, in Germany already, these neo-insurance subjects are already a little ahead of us. And so, somewhere, I would say that we are making up for our delay.

You have more than 50,000 clients, you have existed since 2017. What is the added value of neo-insurance compared to more traditional insurance?

First point is d” have all the family insurance in one application : car, scooter, bike, smartphone, school insurance, home, all in one place, in your pocket. The second point is to be able to have the right guarantees at the right time and at the right price; “during confinement, I left my car in the Colombier car park for a few weeks, I am in a situation of lowering my guarantees and when I collect my car, in real time, by taking a picture of my vehicle, I recover my initial guarantees. ” Which means I have saved our clients money by having the right guarantees at the right time. And third point, it’s called proximity, is to set up prevention services that are hyper personalized to ultimately give more serenity when driving, when insuring your children.

Do you have some examples?

We have developed a service called TakeCare. We recover the GPS coordinates of bodily accidents, it is open data provided by the Ministry of Transport. On this basis, we reconstructed the context of the accident, and when you enter this risk zone, you get a push notification that says “hello Christophe, you are entering a risk zone, Leocare recommends the most great caution “. It’s a whole set of free services that provide personalized prevention.

You are in a real phase of development. Who says development, also says recruitment. How many positions do you want to create?

Today Leocare employs 82 people, more than 80% of whom are here in Brittany. A target of 150 recruitments in the next 12 months, again, overwhelmingly in Brittany, with three axes. A first which is the whole R&D team, of course, to continue to go further in innovation, for example, to become the leading European insurer of autonomous cars, which requires a whole range of technological know-how. Second axis of recruitment, Leocare is certainly digital, but it is also people, advisers who support our clients, so there too, it is an important issue of recruitment, of experts in claims management. And then, third point, which is more related to the marketing approach, B to C, the ability to acquire, to go further. Today we have 60,000 customers so we also need this skill.

Will Leocare stay in Rennes forever?

I owe a lot to Brittany since I made my life there, I studied there. So anyway, it stays in my DNA and also that of Noureddine Bekrar, the other co-founder. Second point, beyond this personal aspect, Rennes and Brittany have developed a certain number of historical skills, in particular thanks to the world of telecoms which are irrefutable. These skills that we need everywhere in the world, we can be proud to have them here in Brittany., therefore in our continuity of innovation, Rennes will always remain an important point. And then, in the development aspect, growing a brand for the general public in Brittany is also something that is close to our hearts.


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