The relationship will break their egos, predicts the card reader –

The collaboration of Agáta Hanychová (37) and Jaromír Soukup (53) fills the front pages of the newspapers, after all they are an unusual couple. They seem to be made for each other. According to psychic Barbara Kočková, who explained the cards to them, this couple will not last in the end.

Agáta Hanychová and Jaromír Soukup: The relationship will last a few years

There are a number of people who would do this influencer Agáta Hanychová a media tycoon Jaromír Soukup they wished they could last together. Unfortunately, their future together is uncertain.

“It is and will be a passionate, emotional relationship. There may be an imaginary separation between them very soon, but for now they will stay together. I can’t say I see them in a long-term relationship, but it will probably take a year or so“said witch Barbara Kočkováwho laid out the cards for the couple.

“The child who now they are waitingit is the last, they will not have another together “, he then added to the expected common fruit of love.

Soukup is sixteen years older than Agáta, but that’s not a bad thing.

“Age difference and personality difference sometimes bring adrenaline into the relationship, which bothers them, but at the same time attracts them a lot for each other. For Agata, the most attractive thing about her partner is her personality“, correctly explains the woman who has already made a series of successful predictions, for example last year for predicted the fall of Andrej Babiš.

Barbara Kočková: Breakdown due to Agáta’s ego

In the end, they say, it won’t last for a while.

The cards indicate that Agáta will be domineering, dominant and will try to dictate to Jaromír what to do and what not to do. He doesn’t even realize it, but he wants a man to satisfy his role models, only now two authorities have collided. He will tolerate it for a long time, because the love between them is really great. And on both sides. But in the final it will still go badly, because even if he bites him, in the end he won’t make it“says the scientist.

“Being blinded by love will delay the solution of this problem, but Jaromír Soukup himself also has some role models, he manages his life alone for a long time, so it will be insurmountable for him. At the same time, the cards show me. if they had met twenty years ago, they would have hoped their relationship could end. Unfortunately not anymore. Neither can submit to the other in the long run“, Kočková read from the papers.

“They are both extremely complex personalities. I wish it would work for them, but unfortunately the cards speak for themselves,” the card reader explains to the couple.

However, Jaromír Soukup and Agáta Hanychová would disagree with the words of the card reader. At least that’s what their answers suggest in an interview for from the beginning of September. “We plan the future together. Individual milestones of the future do not”, then said forcefully the head of TV Barrandov. You can watch the entire interview in the video at the beginning of the article.

Recognizable agate?

According to her, there is another thing that hurts Agatha.

She is the type to be touched by everything. She takes everything that is said to her personally. She is not used to listening in a relationship, which is a real shame. On the other hand he wants a background, a family, those desires are there. But every time she crashes into her her ego“, Barbara Kočková added for

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