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The Regent of Kutim Wants To Join Election Again Using Contractor’s Money, Here’s the Mode


KPK Deputy Chairman Nawawi Pomolango in a press conference at the KPK Building in Jakarta, Friday (3-7-2020) night. Photo: ANTARA / HO-Humas KPK, JAKARTA – Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) arrested East Kutai Regent (Kutim) Ismunandar and his wife, Encek Unguria during a silent operation in Jakarta, Thursday (2/7). Encek is also the chairperson of the Kutim DPRD.

KPK Deputy Chairman Nawawi Pomolango revealed, Ismunandar came to Jakarta to socialize his intention to advance in the 2020 Simultaneous Local Election. The Chairman of the DPC Advisory Council for the Nasimem Nasim Party was also accompanied by his adjutant named Arif Wibisono.

“Based on information received by the KPK regarding allegations of corruption,” Nawawi said in a press conference at the KPK Building, South Jakarta, Friday (4/6).

Nawawi explained that on Thursday (2/7) at 18:45 IWST, the KPK obtained information on the activity of collecting money from contractors working on the East Kutai Regency project. Next the KPK team secured Ismunandar, a businessman named Aditya Maharani, and the Head of East Kutai Bapenda Musyaffa at a restaurant in FX Senayan.

“After that simultaneously, the KPK Team in the area of ​​Jakarta and Sangatta East Kutai also helped secure other parties,” Nawawi said.

From the results of the arrest operation (OTT), the KPK secured Rp 170 million in cash, several savings books with a total balance of Rp 4.8 billion, a Rp 1.2 billion deposit certificate.

The parties who were captured by the OTT were immediately brought to the KPK. The anti-profit agency then named seven people as suspects.

The KPK ensnared Ismunandar, Encek, Musyafa, the Head of the Regional Financial and Asset Management Agency (BPKAD) Kutim Suriansyah, and the Head of the Public Works Office Aswandini. As for the bribery suspects were Deky Aryanto and Aditya Maharani.


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